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History of company
PIT OPTRONIK Ltd. has been found in 1987 in Lublin as one of the first companies in Poland specialised in design and installation of optic fibre systems for wild range telecommunication.

The most important dates in our company's history:

Reorganisation of the company and selection of two sectors: telecommunication and informatic systems.

Begining of the production of optic fibre equipment for telecommunication.

Realisation of the contract with AT&T concerning construction of about 500 km optic fibre highroads as a part of the great project East-West, which was financed by World Bank (it included complex construction of optic fibre "road" from Warsaw to Olsztyn with a few branches).

Purchase of the ground for new localisation of company's seat.

Setting on foot, in new company's seat, a new production line of optic fibre connexions based on Molex technology as well as the sector of production of telecommunication equipment.

Realisation of a number of telecommunication and teleinformatic projects; continuation of design works and production base developement, which caused sixfold rise of company's trade from 6 mln zł in 1994 to 37 mln zł in 1999.

Designing and realisation of logic instalations and specialistic instalations of supervision and security in "inteligent building" of Customer Service Center Polish Telecom in Lublin.

Designing and construction of telecommunication networks as a part of investement project Polish Telecom for liquidation of manual telephone exchanges.

Initiation of quality management system and aquirement of the certificate PN-ISO 9001:1996.

Initiation of processing quality management system and aquirement of the certificate PN-EN ISO9001:2001 in range of:

design, construction and maintainance of:
  • telecommunication and teleinformatic networks and systems
  • informatic systems, protections, control and supervision, electical networks and instalations
design, fabrication and distribution of:
  • telecommunication and electrotechnical equipment
  • software and hardware
Whole range renewal of the certificate PN-EN ISO9001:2001.

Innovation and business activity of our company during last years has been noticed and underestimated by local authorities and organisations of promotion of initiative which avarded our company with several prizes and distinctions.
Gazelle of Business Prize in 4th edition of the contest of business monthly "Puls Biznesu" 2006
Economic Prize of Eastern Poland Contest of Authorities of Lublin District as a part of the Programme of Promotion of Eastern Poland 2002
The Best Private Company 1999 I prize in cathegory of medium business of Lublin district
in contest of the Lublin Foundation of Developement an the journal Kurier Lubelski
Businesslike Partner Certificate of the National Programme of Promotion and honour title “Businesslike Partner” for reliability, honesty and punctuality in business 1998

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