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Our range of services covers: 
  • planning and construction of fibre optic buried and aerial cable lines together with copper trunk, distribution and customer networks;
  • assembly and complete measurements of fibre optic cable lines;
  • pulling and installation of fibre optic cables;
  • planning and construction of cable, trunk, distribution and access networks;
  • horizontal controlled drilling under rivers, roads, railways and other environmental barriers;
  • maintenance of telecommunication networks;
  • complex cable measurement according to customer's order;
  • modernization of existing fiber optic networks;
  • elimination of malfunctions in optical fibres (location, correction of fauts, control tests);
  • supply, installation and startup of teletransmission systems PDH, ATM to 140Mbit/s;
  • supply, installation and startup of teletransmission systems SDH to 2,5 Gbit/s.
Equipment available for building cable ducts and pulling cables: 
  • diggers and plough-putting machines for ground works including building primary and secondary cable ducts;
  • equipment for trenchless controlled drilling;
  • LANCIER equipment – it allows for pneumatic cable blowing into cable ducts without any danger of cable damage or damage of outer cable shields;
  • PLUMETT cable puller with pulling force control – used for pulling secondary duct HDPE pipes and depending on technical conditions for pulling fibre optic and copper cables;
  • CASE 400TX and VERMEER NAVIGATOR D24x40 machines used for horizontal controlled drilling of 400m max long and of diameter 400mm
Equipment for fusion splicing and measurement of fibre optic cables: 
  • fully-automated ERICSSON and FITEL fibre optic fusion splicers;
  • EXFO optical loss and return loss test sets;
  • cable roads locators;
  • cooper and optic fibres cables test sets;
  • teletransmission systems analyzer PDH and ATM to 140 Mbit/s Hewlett Packard;
  • teletransmission systems analyzer SDH to STM-16 (2,5 Gbit/s) OmniBER 37718A Agilent Technologies;
  • 4-channels digital oscilloscope series 9310A LeCroy;
  • frequency counter to 2,7 Ghz FLUKE

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