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Quality policy

Our objective is to accomplish the needs, expectations and requirements of our Clients in a way that the harmonius cooperation could guarantee the permanent development and considerable position on telecommunication and IT market. We want to achieve that by means of stable high quality of our products and services. We aspire our logo to be considered by our Clients and employees as the synonyme of involvement and professionalism of our activity.

Our quality policy is accomplished by:

  • Continous improvement of the Quality Management System efficacy.
  • Suppy of materials and work that guarantees deliveries of stable and ajusted quality level.
  • Continous, systemetic learning of our staff.
  • Upgrading of technologies, process of production and methodes of control.

I declare full involvement in implementation of the quality policy and in providing all means necessary for achieving our quality objectives.

Sławomir Cioczek



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